Strategies (Roads 2030)

Roads 2030 Regional Strategies for Significant Local Government Roads

Roads 2030 documents a strategic view of regionally significant Local Government roads and the development strategies for them.  This is the second review of regional road development strategies and is intended to response to the changes in demand on the road network.

The first editions, Roads 2020 Regional Road Development Strategies, were released during 1997 and 1998, were an initiative of the 1992 Memorandum of Understanding between the State Government and the Western Australian Local Government Association (WALGA), then known as the Western Australian Municipal Association (WAMA). The Memorandum of Understanding requires that the Road Development Strategies be reviewed at five yearly intervals to assess the effects of changing circumstances.  This document updates and supersedes Roads 2025.

Local Governments (via Regional Road Groups) have worked collaboratively to review and update Roads 2025 to produce this latest strategy, Roads 2030.  This provides an agreed, strategic approach to allocation of limited funding across the extensive road network within the state of Western Australia.  Only projects on local roads included in Roads 2030 will be eligible for Road Project Grant funding under the State Roads Funds to Local Government Agreement 2011/12 - 2015/16.  The Guidelines for the development of Roads 2030 are included in the annexure of each document.

Roads 2030 Regional Strategies for Significant Local Government Roads documents can be access on the WALGA website .

A separate Main Roads process is required to amend any Function Road Hierarchy classification.  Should you wish to discuss these or other road classification process, contact the Road Classification Manager at


Transport @ 3.5 Million

The State Government has developed a vision for Perth's future transport network; designed to keep our city moving as we grow and help Perth to continue to be one of the most liveable cities in the world. 

Visit the Department of Transport - Transport @ 3.5 Million page to read more information on the Perth and Peel Transport Plan for 3.5 million people and beyond.‚Äč

Modified: 04 Dec 2018