Bindoon Bypass

​During the planning review for this project we identified that operating 53.5 m road trains on Great Northern Highway through Bindoon and on the steep grades of Bindoon Hill presented a significant challenge. To resolve these issues, we considered several realignment and upgrade options in the vicinity of Bindoon Hill along with a number of alternative options between Muchea and Calingiri West Road.
As a result of these investigations, three bypass corridor options were presented to the local community and stakeholders for feedback in mid-2016. These options are outlined in our Bindoon Project Overview.

All feedback has now been received and reviewed for careful assessment against a comprehensive range of social, economic, heritage, environmental, engineering, traffic and transport efficiency criteria. This information was used to determine the primary benefits and limitations associated with each option.

Once a preferred corridor has been endorsed by the State Government, the alignment will be refined in consultation with affected landowners and other stakeholders to minimise land impacts.

In the meantime, we are undertaking ‘spring’ field surveys to ensure sufficient information is available when a preferred option is endorsed. Field surveys involve inspections at a defined series of locations along each possible bypass corridor to inspect for certain species of plants and animals. This will minimise any delays to future construction timeframes, which are also subject to additional funding.


Further information

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Modified: 09 Dec 2016