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On 25 November 2016, the Hon Bill Marmion MLA, Minister for Transport, announced the completion of Stage 2 of Narrogin Link Road.

The Narrogin Link Road project involves the construction of a new 4 km long road providing a direct route through the Narrogin town-site linking the Great Southern Highway north and south of Narrogin, which was announced by the Premier in 2014.  The project is being completed in 3 stages. 

  • Stage 1 now known as Pioneer Drive extends from Kipling Street to Herald Street and was completed in 2002 at a cost of $5 million.
  • Stage 2 is the southern section which commences at the intersection of Pioneer Drive (stage 1) and Herald Street, and then proceeds south for 1.1 km, reconnecting to the Great Southern Highway near Graham Road. This state is now complete and open to road users.
  • Stage 3 is the northern section and will connect at its southern end to the existing Pioneer Drive, just north of the Kipling Street roundabout (constructed with stage 1).

The project overview plan shows the location of the proposed Narrogin Link Road.


Project update

Construction of the 1.1 km long southern section by the Shire of Narrogin is now complete.

The alignment for Stage 3, the northern section is now finalised and will connect at its southern end to the existing Pioneer Drive, just north of the Kipling Street roundabout.  The new road will be approximately 1.5 kilometres long and is envisaged to be completed by June 2017.



In May 2014, the Premier announced that $7.5 million in funding would be allocated over the following two years to complete the Narrogin Link Road, with the project to be delivered by the Shire of Narrogin under our management.

Planning was undertaken in 1995 to identify a suitable route through the Narrogin town-site for traffic travelling north-south.  The route selected, now known as Narrogin Link Road, would remove heavy traffic from the existing Federal Street within the CBD and built up residential areas.

The north south route through the town is currently not suitable for 36.5 metre long road trains which are required to break down before passing through the town site.  Heavy vehicle traffic is expected to increase due to the closure of the Tier 3 railway network and the Bunge developments at Bunbury Port and in the Wheatbelt.

The central and southern sections of the new road are located predominantly within Government Reserves, while the northern section is located on privately owned land that is currently being used for agricultural purposes and is still to be acquired.

Narrogin Link Road will form part of the highway from Northam to Cranbrook under the management of Main Roads.  It is proposed that the existing highway through Narrogin town site will be de-proclaimed as a highway and become a local road under the management of the respective local governments.

The central section of the Narrogin Link Road has been named Pioneer Drive.  The town of Narrogin has confirmed this name will continue for the southern section of the new road.


Environment and heritage

We have undertaken extensive environmental investigation and consultation with local environmental groups and government agencies in the development of the project.

While the northern section of the new road is located generally within cleared farmland, clearing of a number of various types of trees will be required, which may be habitat for the protected phascogale and black cockatoos.

The northern and southern sections have been realigned and designed to minimise impacts on bushland as far as practical, following consultation with the Department of Parks and Wildlife and the Commonwealth Department of the Environment.

A number of known indigenous and non-indigenous heritage sites were identified within the vicinity of the project area for the northern and southern section.  Due to the distance to these heritage sites and the minor nature of the works, it is unlikely that any indigenous heritage sites will be impacted as part of the project activities.


Project benefits

The project will deliver key benefits including:

  • Improving the amenity of the CBD and residential areas;
  • Improving road safety for traffic and pedestrians;
  • providing for freight vehicles up to 36.5 m long; and
  • Improving freight efficiency due to shorter travel time


Project scope

The project involves the construction of:

  • Approximately 4 km of two lane single carriageway with sealed shoulders;
  • Intersections at major cross roads including roundabouts at Kipling Street, Herald Street and the southern tie to Great Southern Highway;
  • A new at-grade rail crossing with full boom gate protection;
  • Modifications to the existing railway crossing;
  • Minor realignments to Narrogin Brook including the gabion scour protection; and
  • Street lighting at major intersections


Further information

We welcome any queries from the community. If you would like further information, please contact:

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