Narrogin Link Road



In May 2014, the  Premier announced that $7.5 million in funding would be allocated to complete the Narrogin Link Road.

The Narrogin Link Road project involves the construction of a new 4 km long road providing a direct route through the Narrogin town-site linking the Northam Cranbrook Road (Great Southern Highway) north and south of Narrogin.

The project is being completed in three stages.  Stage 1, now known as Pioneer Drive extends from Kipling Street to Herald Street and was completed in 2002 at a cost of $5 million.

Stage 2 is the southern section which was opened to traffic on 16 November 2016. The southern section commences at the intersection of Pioneer Drive (Stage 1) and Herald Street, and then proceeds south for 1.1 km, reconnecting to the Northam Cranbrook Road new Graham Road.

Stage 3 is the northern section and extends north from the roundabout at Kipling Street (constructed in Stage 1), connecting to Northam Cranbrook Road south of Callan Way.

The project overview plan shows the location of the proposed Narrogin Link Road.


Project update

Construction of the 1.1 km long southern section commenced in January 2015.  Along with the Shire of Narrogin, we utilised a combination of both workforces and local contractors.  An opening ceremony for Stage 2 was held on 25 November 2016.

The contract for Stage 3, the northern section has been awarded to BMD Construction Pty Ltd (WA) for $1.9 million. Works will involve construction and realignment of a 1.5 km long section of road, intersection improvements at Callan Way and drainage works. Construction including relocation of Western Power, Telstra and Water Corporation services is due to commence in January and be completed by mid-2017.



Planning was undertaken in 1995 to identify a suitable route through the Narrogin town-site for traffic travelling north-south. The route selected, now known as Narrogin Link Road, would remove heavy traffic from the existing Federal Street within the CBD and built up residential areas.


Environment and heritage

We have undertaken extensive environmental investigation and consultation with local environmental groups and government agencies in the development of the project.

The project has been designed to minimise impacts on bushland, following consultation with the Department of Environmental Regulation and the Commonwealth Department of the Environment.


Project benefits

The project will deliver key benefits including:

  • Improving the amenity of the CBD and residential areas;
  • Improving road safety for traffic and pedestrians;
  • providing for freight vehicles up to 36.5 m long; and
  • Improving freight efficiency due to shorter travel time


Project scope

The final phase (Stage 3) of the project involves the construction of:

  • Relocation of Western Power, Telstra and Water Corporation services
  • Construction of realignment of a 1.5 km long section of road
  • Intersection improvements at Callan Way
  • Drainage and creek works 


Further information

The project works will be managed by our Wheatbelt region.

If you have any queries, please phone our Customer Information Centre on 138 138 or email



Modified: 20 Mar 2017