Great Northern Highway - Logue River Bridge


Current status

Logue River Bridge is an 8 span concrete bridge built in 1970. This bridge forms part of the Great Northern Highway connecting Warlu Way and Savannah Way. This is a core route for tourism, freight and connection between remote towns and communities in the West Kimberley.

The bridge is below the minimum requirements of width (only 7.32 meters wide) and has inadequate strength. Works will strengthen and widen the existing bridge and therefore increase its serviceability and safety.

One 2 June, Transport Minister Dean Nalder announced work would begin in July to restore the bridge over the Logue River on Great Northern Highway, in the Shire of Derby-West Kimberley.

About the project

Logue River Bridge will be strengthened by carbon fibre reinforced polymer laminated strips under the existing deck and a reinforced concrete overlay which will widen the bridge to 8.6 meters between kerbs. New guardrailing will also be installed in the bridge.

During delivery of this project a side track will be built to divert traffic around the works to provide a safer route for road users as well as significantly reduce delays.


This necessary upgrade of Logue River Bridge will improve the loading capacity resulting in reduce maintenance costs; improve serviceability and safety for local and tourist traffic.

The standard of this bridge will be raised to optimum levels for its category and provide economic benefit by increasing freight tonnage per trip.

This project is expected to commence in July  and is expected to be completed by December.


Further information

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Modified: 29 Jun 2016