Great Northern Highway - Bell Street Road Train Assembly Area

​Current status

The Western Australian Regional Freight Transport Network Plan identifies the Great Northern Highway as a major transport route to strategic port facilities. The existing area used for truck assembly at Port Hedland is not on the interstate freight route, and is not up to current standards.


About the project

The proposed Road Train Assembly Area (RTAA) is the first stage of the ultimate Great Northern Highway Deviation Project around Port Hedland Airport. The RTAA will provide a designated area for road trains to assemble. In addition to the proposed road train assembly area, we will also be improving the safety of Great Northern Highway with the construction of two dedicated turning lanes into Bell Street as well as an improved running surface.

Construction work is underway and is expected to run until May/June 2017.



The RTAA will provide:

  • Breakdown bays in a suitable area where heavy haulage transport operators and drivers who operate Restricted Access Vehicles can stop and reconfigure their vehicles in a safe environment before entering Port Hedland townsite.
  • A suitable and safe location where transport operators can park and meet their legal obligations under the Occupational Safety and Health Regulations 1996, and the Code of Practice for Fatigue Management for Commercial Vehicle Drivers.
  • Improved safety and access for all road users
  • Access for heavy vehicles to a RTAA, as the realignment of Great Northern Highway has restricted access to the existing site.


Further information

Please send your feedback or enquiries to Skye Miller, Customer Services Manager by emailing



Modified: 18 Apr 2017