Gibb River Road - Bungarun Road to Kimbolton Road


Current status

Gibb River Road is approximately 650 kilometres in length and connects Derby to Wyndham to Kununurra.  It provides access for numerous aboriginal communities, other remote communities, tourism, pastoralist and resource development.

Tourism numbers are increasing each year with significant tourism development along the entire length of the road.  Greater demand for longer periods of access along the road is being experienced and was named as the "Ultimate Road Trip" by the Lonely Planet in 2014.

The aim of the project is part of the strategy to improve serviceability by reducing road closures and improving freight efficiency, road safety and vehicle operating costs.


Project scope

During the development activity, we identified a deficiency on Gibb River Road from Bungarun Road to Blina Road and developed an upgrade strategy for improvement of a single lane sealed section from Bungarun to Meda Station.

This section is 3.8 m wide and has 1.2 m of unsealed shoulders giving a total pavement width of 6.2 m.  It has raised a formation of approximately 0.7 m with up to 3:1 batter slopes.  The current condition is below the standard expected for this category of road and has the following safety issues:

  • Narrow sections of road requiring vehicles to lower their speed limit to less than 40 km/h or stop for oncoming traffic;
  • Heavy vehicles are unable to leave the single lane sealed sections due to soft shoulders, particularly when wet;
  • Subject to flooding in the wet season;
  • Washouts and scoured batters during wet season; and
  • Poor vertical alignment geometry.

The aim of the project is to provide additional lane capacity to improve safety and operational efficiencies and includes the follow scope of works:

  • Full road reconstruction and widening to give 10 metre wide pavement ;
  • Install new 8 m seal;
  • Improve vertical curves (crests)
  • Drainage improvements
  • Replacement and lengthen four culverts
  • Upgrade six floodways
  • Upgrade intersections and access tracks;
  • Upgrade and seal two existing parking bays;
  • Revegetation; and
  • Associated ancillary works.

Works to complete the 12 km section is expected to be completed in October.  In December 2015, we upgraded an 8 km section of Gibb River Road.

We are involving local contractors, including registered Aboriginal Businesses.



This necessary upgrade is part of the overall Gibb River Road reconstruction project which will provide our stakeholders with significantly improved safety and accessibility by reducing the length of single lane seal on this section.


Further information

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Modified: 10 Aug 2017