Great Eastern Highway Passing Lanes - Southern Cross to Kalgoorlie



We have awarded a contract to WBHO Infrastructure Pty Ltd to design and construct 15 new passing lanes on Great Eastern Highway, between Southern Cross and Kalgoorlie, to improve road user safety and transport efficiency.

Work has started and the new passing lanes will be completed by March 2017. The contractor will also complete a further 6.72 km of additional highway overlay and widening works by late 2017.

The project compliments the recent upgrade of Great Eastern Highway - Bullabulling to Coolgardie . These works were completed in 2015 and included three new passing lanes.

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Great Eastern Highway is part of the Perth-Adelaide National Highway and the most direct sealed link between Perth and the eastern states.  It is also the primary route for travel between the Goldfields, Perth and the south-west region, and the primary east-west freight route for WA.

Between Southern Cross and Kalgoorlie, the highway carrier approximately 1200 vehicles per day and more than 30 per cent of these are heavy vehicles.  In the five years to the end of 2014 there were 103 crashes on this section of the highway.

The new passing lanes will provide safer overtaking opportunities and reduce driver frustration.


Project scope

The total length of the new passing lanes is just under 44 km and they will be distributed over a 225 km section of the highway between Southern Cross to Kalgoorlie.

There will be eight new eastbound lanes and seven westbound, each with an average length of 3 km. At each location, the highway will be widened to provide three 3.5 m traffic lanes (including the passing lane), as well as a 1 m sealed shoulder and a 1 m unsealed shoulder.

All construction will occur in the road reserve and there will be minor intersection improvements at selected locations.  Audible edge lines and safety barriers will also be included where necessary.

Click here to view a map highlighting the new passing lane locations.


More information

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Modified: 24 Nov 2016