Donnybrook-Boyup Brook Road - Charley Creek Road to Collie – Mumballup Road



We recently completed widening works of the existing seal and installed crash barriers at selected locations on Donnybrook-Boyup Brook (Kojonup) Road , Shire of Donnybrook-Balingup.

Clearing works are scheduled to commence mid-2016.



Works are required to clear vegetation on both sides of the road, to significantly reduce the risk of single vehicle off road crashes.


Environmental surveys and assessments

The project has been referred to the Commonwealth Department of the Environment (DotE) and is currently with DER for assessment and approval.

  • Ecoedge (2013) Rare Flora Survey – Donnybrook - Kojonup Road between SLK 0 and 17.4, Unpublished report for Main Roads WA. (see Clearing Assessment Report (CAR): Appendix E.1) 
  • Ecoedge (2015) Rare Flora Survey – Donnybrook - Kojonup Road (recommended sections) between SLK 20.4 and 44.0, Unpublished report for Main Roads WA (see Attachment). 
  • GHD (2013) Donnybrook - Kojonup Road, SLK 0 - 46.4, Proposed Clear Zone Flora and Fauna Constraints Mapping, Unpublished report for Main Roads WA. (see CAR: Appendix E.2)
  • Glevan Consulting (2015) Phytophthora Dieback occurrence assessment: Donnybrook-Boyup Brook Road SLK 0-27, Unpublished report for Main Roads WA. (see Clearing Assessment Report (CAR): Appendix E3)
  • SW Environmental P/L (2015) Clearing Assessment Report (CAR) & Vegetation Management Plan (VMP) Unpublished report for Main Roads WA.


Community engagement

We invited representatives of the Commonwealth Department of the Environment (DotE) to a site inspection on 3 June 2015 and have been in consultation with the WA Roadside Conservation Committee.

Invitations for submissions have been made to:

  • Department of Environment Regulation's Native Vegetation Conservation Branch;
  • Shire of Donnybrook-Balingup;
  • Office of the Commissioner of Soil and Land Conservation; and
  • Relevant environment or community groups and other interested parties; Upper Preston River Action Group, Preston Environment Group and also the Yabberup and Noggerup Community Representatives.


Vegetation clearing

The following measures have been implemented to avoid and minimise vegetation clearing:

  • Consideration of the extent of vegetation clearing necessary to construct sustainable road infrastructure and improve safety
  • Extensive use of barriers (more than 2 km along 21 km) to protect steep batters and significant stands of trees
  • Avoiding the installation of drains (and additional clearing) where the natural ground level slopes favourably away from the road
  • Comprehensive on-the-ground pick up and tree identification to achieve appropriate widths for construction purposes and recovery zone (see Clearing Assessment Report (CAR): Appendix B)
  • On-the- ground selection of individual trees required to be removed and retained
  • Demarcation of the clearing area prior to the commencement of Project activities and prior to the clearing of native vegetation 
  • A licensed fauna specialist to inspect vegetation prior to clearing or be present during clearing to ensure no hollow dependent fauna are injured during the clearing activities (e.g. Western Ringtail Possums, Phascogales).
  • The site office, materials storage areas, construction vehicles/machinery and access tracks will be located on previously disturbed or cleared areas to avoid additional clearing.




Further information

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Modified: 21 Apr 2016