Collie Lake King - Gibbs Siding



In October 2014, the Minister for Transport Dean Nalder announced improvements to the Collie Lake King Road including works at Gibbs Siding.  The project involves the realignment of a 4 km curved section of the existing road, located 6 km west of Darkan in the Shire of West Arthur. 

The Collie Lake King Road is the main route connecting the Great Southern and Wheatbelt regions to the port city of Bunbury.  The project will improve the safety and traffic movement through Gibbs Siding Road.


Project update

Following a public tender process, the contract was awarded to Maca. Construction commenced in November 2015 and is expected to be completed by May 2016. Pre-construction site works, including vegetation clearing, were completed in late 2015. 

The rubbish tip can be accessed during construction.



The Collie Lake King Road is a heavy haulage route, currently carrying freight trucks up to 36.5 m in length and weighing up to 107.5 t.  It also serves as a tourist and inter-town route.

The project will improve freight connections from the area to the Port of Bunbury, benefiting local producers and allowing grain exports horizontal and vertical alignment.


Environment and heritage

Extensive environmental investigation and consultation with local community groups and government agencies in the development of the project have taken place.  This included consultation with traditional owners who determined that there are no Aboriginal heritage issues.  Some clearing of native vegetation was necessary, however none of the affected vegetation was considered threatened or declared as rare or priority flora. 

The Heritage Rail Trail runs parallel and to the north of the existing Collie Lake King Road. The proposed new alignment will cross the trail at the western extent.  It is proposed to realign the trail at appropriate distances from the intersections of Gibbs Siding Road and Cordering North Road.


Project benefits

The project will deliver key benefits including:

  • Improving road safety for all road users
  • Improving freight efficiency
  • Improved drainage


Project scope

The project involves the construction of:

  • Approximately 4 km of two lane single carriageways with sealed shoulders
  • Earth and roadworks to improve vertical grades and horizontal geometry, accommodating safer and faster traffic flow at the speed limit of 110 km/h
  • Installation of road safety barriers, line markings and signage
  • Improved access and safety for intersections at the rubbish tip access road, Cordering North and Gibbs Siding Roads
  • Realignment of the Heritage Rail Trail


Further information

We welcome an queries from the community. If you would like further information, please contact:

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Modified: 12 Jan 2017