Amelup Curves - Chester Pass Road (Albany Lake Grace Road)


Chester Pass Road is an important route for a range of regional traffic providing direct access for the grain and livestock industry, linking the Wheatbelt to Albany Regional Centre; and to key tourist attractions such as the Stirling and Porongorup Ranges for regional visitors.

In recent years, the Amelup section of Chester Pass Road has seen a number of incidents which can be attributed to its numerous curves and narrow lanes. In addition, there are currently two floodway’s through this section which close the road during storm events, causing significant disruption to ever-increasing local transport needs. The Amelup Curves project will address these issues by realigning the road, installing bridges and improving drainage.

In May 2017 the project was submitted as a priority road safety project for State and Federal Government funding consideration.


Latest news

In October 2017 the project was identified as one of 16 priority projects in the $55.25 million Regional Road Safety Package for Western Australia. From this, $11 million has been allocated in a joint Federal Government (80 per cent) and State Government (20 per cent) funding arrangement.


Project scope

The project will include:

  • realigning and widening 4.5 km of Chester Pass Road;
  • upgrading Sandalwood Road and Routs Road intersections; and
  • constructing bridges over Martaquin Creek and Ongarup Creek to reduce the severity of flood events and road closures.


Key benefits

The project will deliver:

  • improved road safety outcomes for all road users;
  • improved operational efficiency through removing floodway’s and reducing road closures; and 
  • an enhanced level of service for the freight industry.



We will now work to secure contracts to deliver the project with works anticipated to commence in December 2017.


Further information

Media Statement: Regional road safety packages for WA roads

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Modified: 16 Oct 2017