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We thank residents for their cooperation during the works to drive the piles into the river bed to allow construction of the bridge over Collie River. The piling works are being undertaken from 7am to 5pm Monday to Saturday. We are minimising noise impacts as much as possible (as part of our environmental management plan), and piling works are almost complete. The river remains open to all users and a navigable channel is in place. The manufacturing of steel girders (support beams) for the bridge is well underway and the first of 12 girders is expected to be delivered around the third week of April.

The Shire of Dardanup captured some images of the bridge works in progress:

Image: Treendale Bridge Image - Piling works.JPGImage: Treendale Bridge Image 2 - Piling works.JPGImage: Treendale Bridge Image 3 - Piling works.JPG

Former Western Australian Government Transport Minister Bill Marmion announced on 5 January that works had started on the new bridge over the Collie River, which will provide a much needed connection between the Shires of Harvey and Dardanup.

The bridge is jointly funded by the State Government, the Shires of Harvey and Dardanup.

 Our January newsletter provides more construction information.


Project objective

The bridge will provide a much needed connection between the Treendale and Kingston subdivisions in Australind, Millbridge Private Estate and the Parkridge Estate in Eaton, linking both Shires.

Millbridge and Treendale are two of the fastest growing areas in Western Australia and connecting the two areas is critical to the road network and interconnectivity of the Shires of Dardanup and Harvey.

As well as providing a key social connection, the bridge will offer essential access for emergency service vehicles and connect the commercial precincts of the two subdivisions.



The new bridge will be located 3 km north-east of the Eaton Fair Shopping Centre and approximately 1.5 km south of the Treendale Shopping Centre in the Shire of Harvey.

The project comprises of the following main components:

  • Two lane steel/concrete composite bridge structure, 224 metres long and 14.4 metres wide including bridge lighting and a pedestrian walkway on the western side.
  • The Shire of Harvey will extend The Boulevard to connect to the bridge, and construct a fauna / recreational path under the bridge.
  • The Shire of Dardanup will extend Eaton Drive to connect to the bridge, and construct a fauna / recreational path under the bridge.
  • Possum rope structures on the right and left hand side of the main Collie River channel to facilitate the movement of possums along the watercourse subsequent to the bridge construction.

Minimal impacts are expected on the road network given the bridge is a new connection.



This new link will provide a direct connection and a third alternative route between the Shires, as well as:

  • Reduce the pressure on Forrest Highway and Old Coast Road and improve safety. (Old Coast Road's average daily traffic is currently close to full capacity).
  • Provide faster access for emergency service vehicles resulting in critical time savings.
  • Reduce travel time for private and commercial vehicles.
  • Reduce travel distance between the Millbridge and Treendale communities by approximately 10 km (residents currently travel via Forrest Highway).
  • Provide a link between the commercial precincts of the two subdivisions and Shires.
  • Improve road infrastructure to the growing light industrial area in Treendale.
  • Travel time and cost savings for road users travelling between Eaton and the Treendale shopping precinct.
  • An opportunity for improved bus services with shorter travelling times.
  • A direct pedestrian and cycling link.





An Environmental Management Plan has been developed to manage potential impacts on issues including Western Ringtail Possum, water quality, acid sulphate soils management, topsoil and weed management.


Further information

Community queries can be directed to:

Carolyn Walker, Community Relations Consultant

Phone: (08) 9450 1445 (8am to 6pm only)

After Hours: 138 138



Contracting or supplier enquiries

Phone: 138 138



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