North West Coastal Highway Widening

Minilya to Nanutarra

Main Roads with Brierty Bocol Joint Venture is working to upgrade 150 km of the North West Coastal Highway between Minilya and Barradale, north of Carnarvon including the construction of bridges at Cave Creek and Goodeman Creek.

The works, which started in late 2014 will be completed in stages by late 2016.

This project is essential to the ongoing movement of people, goods and services along the north-west coast and is being jointly funded by the Federal (80%) and the State (20%) governments.


Project Scope

This North West Coastal Highway project includes:

Stage 1: The overlay, widening and resurfacing of approximately 40km of road north of Minilya, including and replacing old culverts with new culverts. These works were being delivered by Macca Civil Pty Ltd as an AS2124 (construct-only) contract and were completed in November 2015.

Stage 2: The reconstruction, overlay, widening and resurfacing of approximately 107 km of road between the end of Stage 1 works and Nanuturra. The works include constructing passing lanes at two locations (50 km north of Minilya for northbound traffic and 75 km north of Minilya for southbound traffic) and replacing all culverts on the route.  Works completed also include the replacement floodways at Cave Creek and Goodeman Creek with bridges and the construction of 3 km of approaches to the bridges. Stage 2 works started in June 2015 and will be completed in late 2016. 


Traffic Management

We are working with the highway contractors and stakeholders to ensure a co-ordinated approach is taken to traffic control and community information.

Side tracks are operating at several locations throughout the project site to maintain traffic flow on the highway, but speeds are reduced to 60 km/h and 40 km/h at temporary traffic locations.  Speed restrictions remain in place at the new bridges until road sings and white lines are complete.

Road users, especially heavy vehicle operators, should expect delays and speed reductions and are advised to allow extra time for their journey. Road users driving through the project work sites on the North West Coastal Highway may experience journey delays of up to 30 minutes.

Heavy vehicles

Operators of combinations over 3 m wide are required to contact the work site 24 hours before departure and/or when they are due to site. Please call 138 138 for site contact details.


Project Rationale

The North West Coastal Highway is the main link between regional centres at Geraldton, Carnarvon, Karratha and Port Hedland and provides access to various tourist destinations including Exmouth, Onlsow and Coral Bay and surrounding coastal, mining and pastoral communities. It is also the main coastal freight route operating triple road trains north of Carnarvon.

The rapid expansion of the oil and gas industries in the northern Gascoyne and southern Pilbara in recent years has substantially increased road train traffic on this highway. Of all traffic using the highway 37 per cent are heavy vehicles, as a result, work is required to widen and resurface the highway and improve water crossings to enhance safety and access.


Project Benefits

Widening the road pavement sealed surface from 6.2 m to 9 m, and upgrading the road surface will ensure the highway meets current design standards, enhance safety and reduce future maintenance costs. Adding two passing lanes, north of Minilya roadhouse will provide better overtaking opportunities for all road users.

The upgrade will also improve freight access and reduce freight costs to the growing number of resource operations and supporting towns in the region.

The new bridges at Cave and Goodeman creeks will reduce the likelihood and length of highway closures and traffic delays due to flooding.


More Information

For further information please contact:

Main Roads Call Centre
Phone: 138 138



Modified: 22 Feb 2016