Great Northern Highway Realignment and Wallwork Road Bridge

Port Hedland


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Current Status

On behalf of Main Roads, John Holland Group is realigning Great Northern Highway around the Wedgefield industrial area in Port Hedland.

Construction started in late 2012 and all major bridges are now complete, except for barriers and deck surfacing.

All major earthworks are finished and pavements are under construction.  Drainage is approximately 80 percent complete and lighting conduits are being installed.

As part of this project, we are also developing an Intelligent Transport System for the rear of Wedgefield.  This will include an early warning for road train operators approaching the intersection of the new highway with Pinga Street, to minimise the need for emergency braking.

The realignment should be completed by mid-2014 and will deliver many benefits to the Port Hedland community, including:

  • Reduced road train incidents with local traffic;
  • Improved road safety;
  • Improved access to new port and harbour areas; and
  • Improved traffic flows between Port and South Hedland.

In mid-2013, at the request of the Town of Port Hedland, the scope of John Holland’s contract was extended to include a new road over rail bridge at the junction of BHPBIO’s Goldsworthy rail line and Wallwork Road.

Funded by BHP, the Royalties for Regions fund and the Town of Port Hedland, this additional bridge will eliminate delays and safety issues associated with the existing level crossing.

To date John Holland has completed 90 percent of the Wallwork Road bridge structure, earthworks, the sun-base on both approaches and major drainage.

To complete the northern tie-ins, from March 2014 there will be a four week detour of the site and the bridge is likely to be open in May.



The concept for the realignment project was developed in close consultation with local industry, stakeholders and the community.

The scope includes:

  • Approximately 8 km of new road;
  • A major interchange at the Broome turn-off, enabling uninterrupted flow for local traffic over Great Northern Highway;
  • New at-grade intersection with Utah Point Road to provide access to the western port area;
  • New link to South Hedland (Hamilton Road);
  • A cultural interpretative bay overlooking the rear of the harbour;
  • New road bridge over the BHP rail line;
  • Two new low level bridges over South Creek;
  • New road embankment across low lying areas;
  • Associated drainage, including culverts, to maintain tidal flows;
  • Access to Wedgefield industrial area via a new connection to Pinga Street north;
  • Access to the port's proposed area of development to the north of Wedgefield, where BHP reclaimed dredged spoil has been deposited;
  • Access to Landcorp's proposed area of development to the east of Wedgefield; and
  • Public art and landscaping.

Members of the community and stakeholders continue to have input into the project through our Construction Reference Group (CRG). We are also working closely with the traditional landowners to ensure indigenous heritage issues are respected.


Project Rationale

Port Hedland is the biggest volume port in Australia and it continues to grow in line with increased mining activity in the state's north-west. To cope with this growth the port is planning additional berths to the south west of its current location.

The amount of traffic on the Port to South Hedland link has also grown by 25 per cent over the past three years and the road is currently servicing about 15,000 vehicles per day. This growth is creating increased conflict between heavy haulage vehicles and local traffic and often causes delays at major intersections.



The realignment project is being funded by the Federal and State Governments.


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