Local Government

The local road network within Western Australia totals more than 125,500 km, which amounts to 88 per cent of the total state road network. Local roads are managed and funded by Local Governments around WA, with funding assistance from the State and Commonwealth. Managing this increasingly complex road network requires significant resources and a cooperative and productive working relationship between the three tiers of government.

In the spirit of cooperation, the State and Local Government have entered into an agreement to ensure a continued level of funding for local government roads. For further information, see below:


Commodity Routes Supplementary Fund Program

The Commodity Routes Supplementary Fund Program forms part of a number of programs administered by the State Road Funds to the Local Government Advisory Committee under a five year agreement.

The following guidelines set out the broad parameters for funding provided for Commodity Routes. Applications must be submitted using the application form provided:


Metropolitan Regional Road Group Rehabilitation and Improvement Programs


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Modified: 28 Aug 2018