Reid Highway Works


The Reid Highway works have significantly improved the safety and efficiency on Reid Highway and the surrounding road network in Balcatta, Carine and Malaga.

Road users now have uninterrupted travel along Reid Highway over Malaga Drive and reduced congestion with the recent opening of a second traffic bridge over Mitchell Freeway in Hamersley and Carine.

We sincerely thank the residents and businesses near the works for their support and understanding while the Reid Highway project was being undertaken.

Reid Highway, Erindale Road to Marmion Avenue

Road widening works are complete and more information about this project is available at:

Reid Highway, Malaga

Reid Highway and Malaga Drive intersection now has a new bridge, dedicated bus lane and new turning lanes, and the footpath has been modified to fit the new road configuration. More information is available on our Reid Highway and Malaga Drive intersection page.

Public artwork on the bridge abutments reflects the colours of the plans and flowers in the adjoining Lightning Swamp bushland.


Landscaping and revegetation is the final element of the project to be completed as monitoring, maintenance and infill planting is undertaken by the landscape design for up to three years.  Landscaping between Erindale Road and Marmion Avenue has been deferred until Winter.

It is expected that a number of plants will fail to thrive each year, so this germination/mortality rate is monitored to determine where infill planting will be required in subsequent winters.

The intersection of Reid Highway and Mitchell Freeway contains exposed embankments which have a high concentration of limestone. Although limestone-tolerant plants are selected, these areas have a reduced landscaping requirement because of the difficulty of obtaining successful germination rates.

New hydromulch and additional infill planting will be added here next winter, when conditions are most favourable, as well as in other areas throughout the project identified by the ongoing monitoring.

The specifics of the landscaping design and plant choices were discussed with our Construction Reference Group (CRG) meetings. Two CRGs were set up – one for the Reid Highway/Mitchell Freeway area and one for the Reid/Malaga site. Suggestions from the groups have been incorporated into the final species list, which includes a range of groundcovers, shrubs and trees. All the plants are hardy, native, waterwise and endemic to the Swan Coastal Plain region. 

Malaga Site

The species list at the Malaga site has been finalised with input from the Friends of Lightning Swamp. Plant species chosen for the verges and roadside adjacent to Lightning Swamp are natural Lightning Swamp vegetation types.

Drainage basins and swales will be planted with species local to the Lightning Swamp region. As part of the early project works, existing vegetation was mulched, and topsoil from the project sites was removed and stored. This topsoil and mulch mix is being spread at the Malaga site, to stabilise the soil and prepare it for winter planting.

Some of the canopy species selected are the corymbia calophylla at Malaga South near Lightning Swamp, and the eucalyptus sideroxylon north of the intersection of Malaga Drive. These can grow up to 12 m high, and will provide shade, screening and aesthetics within the Malaga Drive streetscape.

Smaller non-irrigated plantings will be used to revegetate the road verges, including the

  • native cultivars eremophila glabra ‘prostrate’;
  • grevillea crithmifolia ‘prostrate’;
  • ficinia nodosa;
  • hemiandra pungens; and
  • olearia axilaris ‘little smokie’.


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Modified: 31 May 2018