Marmion Avenue Intersection Upgrades

Hepburn Avenue and Whitfords Avenue

As part of our Traffic Congestion Management Project, we have upgraded the intersections of Marmion Avenue with Hepburn and Whitfords Avenues to improve traffic flow and safety.

Completed in April 2017, this $12 million project has been funded by the Western Australian Government.

The project is expected to:

  • reduce delays experienced by road users, especially during busy peak periods;
  • significantly reduce the number of crashes;
  • improve management of traffic flow by providing real-time data to network managers;
  • reduce response time to incidents; and
  • enhance safety for all road users, including cyclists and pedestrians.

Read our project newsletter for more information.


Project Scope

  • widening at both intersections to provide extended and additional turning pockets;
  • upgraded traffic signals;
  • installation of CCTV for improved management of traffic flow and real-time intervention; and
  • improved pedestrian and cycling facilities.


Modified: 28 Feb 2018