Charles Street Bus Bridge and Busway

Aimed at improving the reliability of bus services throughout Northbridge, a new bus bridge and bus priority measures were delivered on behalf of the Public Transport Authority.

The Charles Street Bus Bridge and Busway was officially opened by the Minister for Transport on 23 June 2017, prior to Transperth bus services using the new infrastructure on 25 June 2017. The travelling public can now enjoy a more efficient and reliable public transport service along this route.

The associated bus layover opened in late September 2017 and other road network upgrades were completed in early October 2017.


Scope of works

This project involved the construction of a new bus bridge and associated bus priority measures including: 

  • A new 120 m bus bridge (Charles Street bus bridge) over Graham Farmer Freeway connecting Charles Street directly to the existing James Street bus bridge via a bus only Busway
  • A new Mitchell Freeway off-ramp to Roe Street to replace James Street off-ramp
  • Approximately 500 m of new bus lanes on Charles Street
  • A new bus layover facility to complement operation of the nearby Perth Busport
  • A new shared path on Roe Street from Sutherland Street to Fitzgerald Street 
  • Intersection improvements and modifications at:
    • James Street and Fitzgerald Street
    • Roe Street and Fitzgerald Street
    • Charles Street and Newcastle Street
    • Charles Street and Carr Street
    • Newcastle Street and Cleaver Street


Key benefits

  • Reduced traffic congestion along James Street (west) and the south end of Fitzgerald Street
  • A better bus service by providing on-time reliability improvements
  • Reduced travel time for passengers
  • Improved travel time for other road users 
  • Reduced bus operating costs
  • Maximised benefits of existing investments, such as the Perth Busport


Further information

Image: Charles street bus bridge - freeway exits interchange map.JPG 

Image: Map of new interchange following completion of project. 


Modified: 28 Feb 2018