Arthur River Project

​Albany Highway / Coalfields Road / Arthur Road Intersection Upgrade


Project Overview

Safety improvements along Albany Highway in Arthur River by upgrading the Coalfields Road and Albany Highway intersection have now been completed.

The intersection was realigned to the north to improve sight distances with an upgraded junction arrangement to improve turning for heavy vehicles.

The road was opened to traffic on Tuesday 13 June 2017.


Project Rationale

The number of freight vehicles travelling on these roads is expected to increase significantly in the future due to growth in grain, hay and livestock industries.  Therefore the Coalfields Road and Albany Highway intersection required improvements to cater for this likely heavy vehicle increase.


Community and Stakeholder Liaison

During stakeholder meetings in 2016, the community had input into the design, and options for the realignment.

These included the community's:

  • endorsement to proceed with the realignment of Coalfields Road with Albany Highway as presented at the community meeting;
  • request for the inclusion of an acceleration lane northbound when turning onto Albany Highway from Coalfields Road;
  • request for the inclusion of a third lane southbound through Arthur River; and
  • request for the inclusion of intersection improvements at Albany Highway and Boyup Brook Road.

A speed zone change in Arthur River was also supported by the community at this meeting.


Further information

Newsletter - July 2016

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Modified: 26 Jun 2017