Russell Road Upgrade

​Aubin Grove Station Project


The opening of the new Aubin Grove Station on 23 April 2017 resulted in changed traffic conditions on Russell Road.

Australian Government Senator Chris Back and former Western Australian Government Transport Minister Bill Marmion MLA announced the completion of the Kwinana Freeway Southbound Widening project and the Russell Road Upgrade (part of the Aubin Grove Station Project).

The new bridge over the Kwinana Freeway has doubled the number of traffic lanes to four in each direction on Russell Road, improving traffic movements and catering for expanded traffic volumes expected to be accessing the new 2000 bay car park at the future Aubin Grove train station.

The new bridge greatly improves the general connectivity of Perth’s southern suburbs by making public transport even more attractive for people intending to walk, cycle, drive and park at the station.

Construction commenced in

Freeway Closures

The project required some major closures and associated traffic management, and we thank residents, businesses and road users for their patience during those times.

The Russell Road closure from 9 to 12 September allowed us to build the intersection areas around the new bridge and reposition traffic signals at their final location.

The three weekends of major construction works to upgrade Russell Road and build the new Aubin Grove Station were successfully completed on 27 June 2016.

Our time lapse video shows some of the construction, including lifting the bridge and rail beams into position.

A static view time lapse video can be found on our YouTube channel.

The closures were announced in April, and saved road users several months of disruptions.



The $125 million Aubin Grove Station project involve the construction of a new station in the median of the Kwinana Freeway, just north of Russell Road. The project was managed by the Public Transport Authority to provide a train station for the growing communities in Perth's southern suburbs.

As part of the project, we have upgraded the Russell Road Interchange to cater for increasing traffic demands and to allow better movement for buses and cars around Aubin Grove Station.



  • Duplicating the bridge over the Kwinana Freeway to accommodate eight lanes of traffic. The design includes two dedicated turning lanes onto the Kwinana Freeway and two through lanes over the freeway in both directions.
  • Upgrading the Russell Road/Gibbs Road approaches to the interchange.
  • Installing traffic signals at the Russell Road entry to the Aubin Grove Station car park.


Modified: 27 Feb 2018