Morley Drive / Flinders Street Intersection Upgrade


We have upgraded the intersection of Morley Drive and Flinders Street to significantly improve safety and traffic flow.

This $2.2 million project was funded by the State Government through the Road Trauma Trust and completed in July 2016. It will significantly improve safety at this busy intersection, which recorded more than 98 crashes between January 2009 and December 2013. More than 70 of these were rear-end crashes.


This project included:

  • Extending both right-turn pocket lanes from Morley Drive to Flinders Street;
  • Extending the left turn lane pocket on Morley Drive westbound (turning left onto Flinders Street);
  • Improved drainage, lighting and pedestrian and cycling facilities;
  • Installation of a zebra crossing to improve pedestrian safety; and
  • Modification of the traffic signals to only allow vehicles turning right onto Flinders Street from Morley Drive with a green turning arrow.


Further information

Email or call our Customer Information Centre on 138 138.


Modified: 01 Aug 2016