Great Northern Highway - Logue River Bridge

Improvement works to Bridge 1309 on the Great Northern Highway over Logue River, were completed in October 2016.

Works included:

  • Strengthening and widening of the bridge to 8.6 metres which was achieved by applying Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymer Laminate Strips on the bridge soffit
  • Construction of a reinforced concrete overlay
  • Installation of new guardrails

Works have improved the load capacity for the bridge, resulting in reduced maintenance costs for the future and improved serviceability and safety for local and tourist traffic.

The Logue Bridge was originally built in 1970. The bridge forms part of the Great Northern Highway connecting Warlu Way and Savannah Way. It is a core route for tourism, freight and connection between remote towns and communities in the West Kimberley.

Prior to these works, Logue bridge was below the minimum requirements of width (only 7.32 meters wide) and had inadequate strength.


Modified: 27 Feb 2018