Kwinana Freeway Southbound Widening

Stage Two - Armadale Road to Russell Road


Australian Government Senator Chris Back and Former Transport Minister Bill Marmion MLA announced the completion of the Kwinana Freeway Southbound Widening project and the Russell Road Upgrade (part of the Aubin Grove Station Project).

Widening almost 3.5 km of the freeway southbound to three lanes between Armadale Road and Russell Road has provided increased traffic capacity for more than 52,000 motorists driving southbound each day. This will reduce driver frustration as a result of faster travel times and a more efficient road network.



The Australian and Western Australian Governments announced on April 24 2015 that a further $14.9 million was allocated towards widening Kwinana Freeway (southbound) from Armadale Road to Russell Road.

The additional investment provided a further 3.5 km of widening works south to Russell Road, bringing the total length of freeway widening to around 8 km from Roe Highway to Russell Road.

More than 52,000 vehicles use this section of Kwinana Freeway each day, and this figure is expected to rise to 75,000 vehicles by 2021.


What did the project involve?

  • Widening to three lanes southbound (plus shoulders);
  • Construction of noise walls along the eastern side of Kwinana Freeway, where required according to noise modelling;
  • Modifications to drainage, kerbing, surfacing, lighting, road safety barriers, signage and line marking;
  • Installation of foundation intelligent transport systems consisting of optic fibre communication network, vehicle detection systems and closed circuit television cameras;
  • Modifications to services; and
  • Revegetation and landscaping works.


Objectives and benefits

The project aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • Travel reliability - greater reliability of travel times and throughputs supporting the reliable movement of people and freight;
  • Efficiency - greater efficiency of vehicle movements through improved infrastructure that better caters for demand;
  • Safety - improvement in safety through the upgrade of the road infrastructure.

The project will:

  • Improve freeway capacity over this section;
  • Reduce congestion and stop start conditions, and consequently improve traffic flows to provide more reliable travel times for the movement of freight and people;
  • Reduce the frequency of crashes with the expected reduction in congestion;
  • Improve safety for road users, particularly given the mix of freight and general traffic; and
  • Achieve greater efficiency of vehicle movements with road users travelling at higher average speeds.


Community engagement

We met with Harvest Lakes Residents Association, the Community of Aubin Grove and residents at Southern Cross Care to discuss the project in the early stages of construction.

These meetings resulted in three community members volunteering to join the Construction Reference Group.

The Construction Reference Group met four times during the project, and provided ongoing feedback and input into the project.


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Modified: 28 Feb 2018