Guildford Road / Tonkin Highway Intersection Upgrade



A project to improve safety and reduce congestion at Tonkin Highway and Guildford Road in Bayswater was successfully completed in February 2016.

We would like to thank all residents, businesses and road users for their patience during this important upgrade.

The project involved widening Guildford Road to allow for additional turning lanes for traffic entering and exiting Tonkin Highway as well as:

  • Traffic signal modifications;
  • Upgraded pedestrian & street lighting facilities;
  • Additional overhead signage on Guildford Road; and
  • Installation of guardrails

The $3.6m project was funded by the Road Trauma Trust Fund.



The project delivered key safety and efficiency benefits for local, freight and tourist traffic including:

  • Reduced congestion;
  • Reduced traffic crashes;
  • Improved traffic flow; and
  • Improved safety and access for all road users.


Further Information

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Modified: 27 Jul 2016