South Western Highway - Donnybrook



Our South West Region is continuing a project to improve South Western Highway near Donnybrook.


Project scope 

Traffic delays are expected as the reconstruction works involve repairing the existing road pavement.

Speed restrictions and traffic management are in place as the work process involves excavating 800 mm down through the road pavement and backfilling with a sand drainage layer, limestone pavement and placing asphalt as a finished surface layer. We may need to turn off water if there are problems with water pipes in 800 mm depth (work area). Some older pipes may be leaking and we will need to replace these.


Project timing and impacts

Work times will generally be 7am – 6pm Monday to Friday. The works will generate noise, so nightworks will not be undertaken given the close proximity of residents to the highway.

Generally, businesses should only be impacted for one day, or potentially two if we discover additional issues. Alternative accesses will be available to ensure people can continue to support local businesses.

The key impacts of these works include:

  • Road users: expect disruptions and delays for through traffic using South Western Highway, including community members, freight industry, buses, tourists and commuters. Road users will be impacted by speed restrictions to 40km/hr. Delays can be expected under “stop-go” traffic management, as there will be times when traffic will only use a single lane.
  • School buses: we will be notifying bus companies of the works. We will endeavour to move buses through the area as quickly as possible. 
  • Access to properties on the highway: access impacts will be managed as mentioned, and we are planning to have signage, such as Variable Message Boards, to help local residents and visitors access the businesses. 
  • Pedestrians, cyclists, gophers and other active transport: please follow any signage or instructions given by construction workers.
  • Potential for impact on properties caused by vibration: property condition surveys are being undertaken on properties within 100 m of the works prior to and after construction.

We appreciate your patience in delivering these works, and apologise in advance for any inconvenience.


Further information

For further information on the project, please contact our Customer Information Centre on 138 138 or via our feedback form.


Modified: 08 Feb 2017