Brand Highway and Ackland Road Intersection Upgrade

We have improved the service at the intersection of Brand Highway and Ackland Road through the installation of traffic signals.

Works were completed on 9 September 2016.

The previous intersection experienced significant delays during peak travel periods. The right turn movement from Ackland Road onto Brand Highway was at a low-level of service, resulting in increased congestion for commuters. This had a flow-on effect to Barrett Drive for road users attempting the same traffic movement. The upgrade significantly improves the performance at the Barrett Drive intersection by giving breaks in the traffic flow and allowing room to cross Brand Highway safely when exiting. 


Project scope

In addition to traffic signal installation, Brand Highway was widened to the east and a right-turning lane was constructed into Ackland Road.

Ackland Road was also be widened to the south to incorporate a dedicated left-turning lane.

Other works included:

  • Relocating street lights prior to widening works
  • Upgrading the pedestrian crossing to include walk phases on signals
  • Building pathways and ramps
  • Constructing stormwater drainage
  • Asphalt resurfacing
  • Upgrading line markings and signage



  • Minimising the number and severity of crashes;
  • Improving traffic flow and reducing congestion during peak travel periods;
  • Improving safety for pedestrians accessing either side of Brand Highway; and
  • Providing a safer crossing for vulnerable road users. 

Image: Ackland Road looking towards Brand Highway - Intersection Upgrade project.JPG 

Image: Ackland Road looking at Brand Highway

Image: Brand Highway looking Southbound - Ackland Rd Intersection Upgrade project.JPG 

Image: Brand Highway looking southbound       

Image: Brand Highway looking North - Ackland Rd Intersection Upgrade project.JPG

Image: Brand Highway looking north                


Modified: 27 Feb 2018