Gateway WA - Additional Works


Forrestfield Road Train Assembly Area (RTAA)

The second stage of the Road Train Assembly Area (RTAA) at Abernethy Road in Forrestfield was completed on 23 November 2016.  This $5 million project was funded by the State Government and provides 28 fully surfaced parking bays for 36.5 metre road trains to park, drop a trailer and then deliver loads to destinations on local roads.

It also provides an access shortcut between Abernethy Road and Tonkin Highway, reducing the travel distance for oversize loads by 3.7 km and greatly improving efficiency, safety and amenity for the freight industry.

Scope of works

The construction of the 34,000 square metres RTAA was completed in two stages:

  • Stage 1 was completed in late 2013 – 8,500 square metres of fully asphalted surface area, providing 8 hardstand parking pays for 36.5 m road trains
  • Stage 2 was opened for use on 23 November 2016 – 14,500 square metres of fully asphalted surface area, providing a further 20 hardstand parking bays for 36.5 m road trains, lighting for 24 hour operation and an ablution block.

The Abernethy Road RTAA is an important new link in the High Wide Load network and removes the majority of oversize load movements from the surrounding, mainly residential, roads in Forrestfield. This will reduce congestion on local roads and improve safety and amenity for the local community.

For more information on the Abernethy Road RTAA, please refer to the latest HVS Update and the RAV Mapping Tool, or alternatively contact our Heavy Vehicle Services on 138 HVO (138 486) or email



High Wycombe noise and amenity walls

Gateway WA was commissioned by the State Government to construct approximately 2.6 kilometres of noise and amenity walls along the western side of Roe Highway in High Wycombe. These walls will mitigate traffic noise and provide privacy screening for local residents.

Scope of works

  • Approximately 2.6 kilometres of noise and amenity walls from just north of Poison Gully in the south to Buttercup Crescent in the north, along the western side of Roe Highway;
  • Wall openings to allow road access at Kalamunda and Maida Vale Roads;
  • Wall openings to allow pedestrian / cyclist access just south of Kalamunda Road.

Establishment works commenced in April 2014 followed by the progressive installation of the walls from south to north. The work was completed in 2015.


Roe Highway and Berkshire Road interchange

Gateway WA was awarded a new package of works to construct a grade separated interchange and install noise / screen walls at the Roe Highway and Berkshire Road intersection.

The $45 million package of works have provided much needed relief at the heavily congested intersection and has eliminated one of the State's worst black spots by providing free-flow movement along Roe Highway.

Scope of works

  • Grade separated interchange at the intersection of Roe Highway and Berkshire Road, Forrestfield. This will allow Roe Highway traffic now travels uninterrupted over the top of Berkshire Road;
  • Installation of noise and screen walls along the impacted section of Roe Highway

Work was completed in March 2016.



Modified: 08 May 2018