Fremantle Traffic and Rail Bridge Protection Works

Image: Project Image - Fremantle Traffic Bridge.JPGIn May 2016, we completed pier strengthening works at Fremantle's traffic and rail bridges over the Swan River.

At the traffic bridge, we have repaired approximately 60 piles and reinforced the existing timber fender system with new metal structures.  At the rail bridge, concrete dolphins (bumpers) have been constructed downstream to absorb significant force of impact by a vessel.

This work was funded with approximately $25 million, jointly provided by Main Roads and Public Transport Authority (PTA).

Work on the two bridges was combined to allow concurrent works which minimised disruption to river traffic and the wider community and realised cost-savings.

To support this project, there has also been some enhancement of existing navigational aids in the river channel to improve marine vessel flow and meet international standards.  On 25 May 2015, the Honourable Minister for Transport announced that the (PTA) would install an early warning system to warn the train network when ships come too close to the rail bridge.  This system gives PTA the ability to switch the signals to red and stop trains from crossing the bridge.

An additional LED message board has also been installed downstream of the rail bridge to improve navigation through the southern channel.


Modified: 27 Feb 2018