East Street to Morrison Road - Cycle and Pedestrian Path

We have extended the WA Bicycle Network along the Perth-Midland rail line, from East Street to Morrison Road in Woodbridge.

Read the full media statement here.

This 1.4 km section of path connects up with the recently-completed path from Johnson Street, Guildford, to the East Street crossing outside Guildford Grammar School.

It replaces a substandard concrete path and includes an improved connection to the underpass at Woodbridge Station, as well as sections of new fencing and retaining walls.

Signs and lighting have been installed and we are now completing a revegetation program, which has been developed in consultation with the City of Swan.

This project was funded by the State Government under the WA Bicycle Network Plan 2014-2031.

Image: Morrision Road PSP Image.PNG 

 Image: Location map


Modified: 27 Feb 2018