Kwinana Freeway Southbound Widening Stage One - Roe Highway to Armadale Road


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Commonwealth Minister for Finance Mathias Cormann and Western Australian Minister for Transport Dean Nalder officially opened the first stage of the Kwinana Freeway $77.5 million upgrade between Roe Highway and Russell Road on Saturday 15 August 2015.

The opening will allow more than 52,000 motorists driving on the Kwinana Freeway southbound each day to enjoy a four-lane freeway between Roe Highway and Armadale Road, ahead of time and under budget. 

One of the key advantages is the extension of the three lanes on the freeway under the Roe Highway Bridge, with vehicles exiting from Roe Highway now joining the freeway using a dedicated lane.

We thank all freeway users and residents for their patience during this important upgrade.

We also continue to welcome queries from the community via a dedicated 24/7 project information line - 1300 889 247 or via email

The completion of these works has allowed the next stage of widening the three kilometres between Armadale and Russell Roads to start in coming weeks, which will ultimately bring the total length of the project to around 7.2 kilometres. Visit the Armadale Road to Russell Road Widening page for further information about the upcoming project.


Project Scope Change

The Kwinana Freeway Southbound Widening project received a major boost in October 2014 with extra lanes added to alleviate the significant congestion issues at the Roe Highway/Kwinana Freeway merge point.

Both the Australian and Western Australian Governments announced the additional components for the project which will include:

  • Extending the current three lanes on Kwinana Freeway under the Roe Highway bridge;
  • Allowing vehicles exiting from Roe Highway to join the freeway in a dedicated lane, rather than merging with freeway traffic, greatly improving safety at a critical merge point;
  • Providing four lanes from Roe Highway to Armadale Road, offering greater capacity than the current two lanes;
  • Widening the freight rail bridge just south of the Roe Highway merge point to provide extra lanes.

The four lanes will address the congestion and queuing problems that currently occur on both the Roe Highway and the Kwinana Freeway during expanded peak periods. It will also reduce the pressure on local distributor roads that are currently used as 'rat runs' to avoid the significant queuing at the interchange.

The revised scope excludes the future enhancement of the Roe Highway/Kwinana Freeway interchange as part of the Perth Freight Link Project. This means that any works in this area will link into this future project and minimise any works that may become redundant.


Construction Reference Group

We sincerely thank the following local residents who are members of our Construction Reference Group: Margaret Colvin, Anne Ellis, Rob Grieve, Mike Griffin and Chris Hossen. The CRG has met several times to review the project’s progress and provide feedback on project designs, and further meetings will be held at regular intervals throughout construction. We thank these members for volunteering their time on behalf of the surrounding communities.

The Construction Reference Group (CRG) is designed to:

  • Assist in identifying, discussing and providing advice on community issues associated with the project.
  • Exchange information between Main Roads, the contractor and the community.
  • Provide representative community and stakeholder input into the project.


Why is the Project Needed?

The Kwinana Freeway is a major arterial road servicing the southern sector of the Perth metropolitan area. The project is required for the following reasons:

  • The current two lane configuration of the Kwinana Freeway southbound between Roe Highway and Armadale Road is deficient in traffic capacity and experiences severe congestion, particularly in the evening peak.
  • The higher proportion of heavy vehicles in this section of the freeway, combined with the mix of different vehicle types during periods of traffic congestion, creates road safety challenges.
  • Traffic volumes are expected to further increase with the growth of general land use to the south and the development of the Murdoch Activity Centre (MAC) in the immediate area.


What Does the Project Involve?

To alleviate the traffic congestion and to improve road safety, the project scope involves widening 5km of the Kwinana Freeway to four lanes from the Roe Highway entry ramp to the Armadale Road exit ramp in the southbound direction, as show in the lane configuration diagram. It also includes:

  • Extending the current three lanes on Kwinana Freeway under the Roe Highway bridge;
  • Allowing vehicles exiting from Roe Highway to join the freeway in a dedicated lane, rather than merging with freeway traffic, greatly improving safety at a critical merge point on the network;
  • Widening the freight rail bridge just south of the Roe Highway merge point to provide extra lanes;
  • Realignment of southbound exit and entry ramps at Berrigan Drive and the southbound exit ramp at Armadale Road;
  • Construction of noise walls along the eastern side of Kwinana Freeway where required;
  • Modifications to draining, kerbing, surfacing, lighting, road safety barriers, signage and line marking; and
  • Installation of foundation intelligent transport systems consisting of optic fibre communication network, vehicle detection systems and closed circuit television cameras.

Construction will impact road users and the local community, and we will be keeping the community informed about the project as it progresses. We will be working with the contractor to implement a Traffic Management Plan to minimise the expected impacts.


What are the Project Objectives and Benefits?

The project aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • Travel reliability - greater reliability of travel times and throughputs supporting the reliable movement of people and freight;
  • Efficiency - greater efficiency of vehicle movements through improved infrastructure that better caters for demand;
  • Safety - improvement in safety through the upgrade of the road infrastructure.

The project will:

  • Improve freeway capacity over this section;
  • Reduce congestion and stop start conditions, and consequently improve traffic flows that will result in greater reliability of travel times for the movement of freight and people;
  • Reduce the frequency of crashes with the expected reduction in congestion;
  • Improve safety for road users, particularly given the mix of freight and general traffic; and
  • Achieve greater efficiency of vehicle movements with road users travelling at higher average speeds.




Community Engagement and Further Information

Community engagement is a critical aspect of any major road project. We will be advising the local communities, business and other stakeholders about the project using a range of communication materials including newsletters, website information, signage, media and other regular channels, as well as the direct engagement with the Construction Reference Group.

For all construction queries and information requests, or to register for project updates, please contact call the 24/7 project information line on 1300 889 247, email or visit the project website.


Modified: 06 Jan 2017