Wubin-Mullewa Road Widening

Perenjori to Morawa

Wubin-Mullewa Road is a State Road that links the Great Northern Highway at Wubin, with the Geraldton-Mount Magnet Road at Mullewa, 220 km to the north. A number of small towns and grain bins are situated on the road, including the towns of Perenjori and Morawa.

In addition to being one of the main service routes for these towns, the road also carries a mixture of heavy vehicles (including grain trucks up to 36.5 m in length) and tourist traffic, many of whom are driving part of the popular ‘Wildflower Way’.

Work was undertaken to widen the remaining approximate 26 km of single lane seal between Perenjori and Morawa to two lane seal (typically 8 m wide). In addition to this, a number of small sections were reconstructed to improve substandard geometry.  Several floodway's were constructed and a combination of culvert extensions and new culverts were installed to improve drainage. 

Intersections at CBH Perenjori and Hill Road East and West were modified to improve safety.  All other local road intersection were widened and sealed between Perenjori and Morawa.  Funds saved on this section were used to construct an additional 2.4 km section north of Morawa to provide an overtaking opportunity within the single lane seal section between Morawa and Mullewa.

The construction works commenced in early 2015 and were completed in November 2015.

The rationalisation of rail access to smaller grain bins in the area, combined with the designation of Morawa as a ‘SuperTown’ under the State Government’s Royalties for Regions ‘SuperTown’ project are also expected to result in an increase in traffic along the route.

The State Government committed $10.8 million of Royalties for Regions funding, which we matched. As such, a total of $21.6 million was spent upgrading the road over a four year period between 2011/12 and 2014/15.

In April 2013, Former Minister for Transport Troy Buswell, and Minister for Regional Development Brendan Grylls, jointly announced that Safelinks Program Alliance (Maca Civil / AECOM) had been nominated as the preferred proponent to form an alliance with us to deliver the upgrade works on Wubin-Mullewa Road, as well as further works on Goldfields Highway



The works increased safety and serviceability, particularly reducing the dangers associated with the narrow single lane seal.  The road is safer for heavy vehicles and the wider seal and geometry improvements increase the overtaking opportunities for light vehicles and travellers.


Modified: 27 Feb 2018