Ennis Avenue-Port Kennedy Drive Intersection Upgrade, Port Kennedy


Transport Minister Dean Nadler has announced the completion of improvements to the busy intersection of Ennis Avenue and Port Kennedy Drive, in the City of Rockingham. The former T-junction was replaced with a new intersection that includes traffic signals to control all right-turn movements and give priority to Ennis Avenue traffic.  The deceleration lane on Ennis Avenue southbound was also extended by 400 m.

The new configuration enables southbound traffic on Ennis Avenue to remain free-flowing.  For northbound traffic, there is a reduced speed limit of 80 km/h through the intersection and advanced warning flashing signs on the approach to Port Kennedy Drive.

This upgrade is expected to significantly reduced the number of right angle crashes at this intersection, which is currently ranked third in the metropolitan area for serious crashes.

In the five years to 31 December 2012, 50 crashes were recorded at this location.  Ten resulted in hospitalisation and one resulted in a fatality.  Of the 50 crashes, more than half were right angle crashes which occurred during a right turn and the remainder were rear-end crashes.



 Project Overview - April 2015


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Modified: 22 Jun 2015