Vittoria Road and Australind Bypass and Preston River Footbridge Works

We completed the project to upgrade the intersection of Australind Bypass and Vittoria Road, with signals being switched on and operational from 24 April 2015.

The Preston River Footbridge will provide a safe crossing for pedestrians and cyclists, and is designed to be an entry statement for the city, with its highest point of 38 metres.  The project involves civil works, excavation and bridge piling works to support the structure.

This project complements the recent upgrade of Eelup Roundabout and will improve safety and capacity on the stretch of road between the roundabout and the intersection. 


What did the project involve?

The project involved the creation of a new signalised intersection to allow vehicles leaving Glen Iris to cross the highway and join north bound traffic more easily and more safely. Northbound traffic will remain free flowing (with a signalised right turn only into Vittoria Road).

In 2012, work involved construction on the additional lanes required for the new intersection, including a third lane on the southbound carriageway, a northbound acceleration lane and an extension of the existing right turn deceleration lane for northbound traffic.

From February 2013, work on these lanes recommenced to complete the intersection with the installation of sealed lanes, new traffic islands, traffic signals and street lighting, which was completed in April 2013.



  • Increased safety for vehicles entering Australind Bypass from Vittoria Road, including school buses
  • A safer intersection
  • Improved traffic flow - particularly during peak times such as before and after school
  • Improved efficiency for planned developments in the area and further growth in the suburb
  • The additional southbound lane will provide extra capacity through the signalised intersection
  • The right turn acceleration lane will allow vehicles turning right into Australind Bypass from Vittoria Road to merge safely with traffic on Australind Bypass


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Modified: 27 Feb 2018