Great Northern Highway - Bindi Bindi to Lyons

The Federal and State governments announced that the Bindi Bindi upgrade project is now complete. The $35 million project was jointly funded by the Federal and State governments, and involved an 11 kilometre realignment to remove the dangerous bends on the highway.

Side-tracks were used to divert traffic at the northern and southern ends of the worksite when works began in late 2013, and while this has been an inconvenience to those using the route, a new, widened and reconstructed alignment of the highway has been delivered to improve road safety and transport efficiency.

The project included a new rail crossing at Balidu-Bindi Bindi Road intersection and has provided more overtaking opportunities. The completion of the work means that the speed limit on this stretch can be increased from 80 to 110 km/h.

The Bindi Bindi Project is the first stage of the $420 m overall upgrade of the highway between Muchea and Wubin, with the second stage between Batty Bog Road and Walebing currently under construction.

More information on this Major Safety Project is available from the Muchea to Wubin Stage 2 page, or in the latest newsletter.


Project Planning Review

The Australian and Western Australian governments announced on 13 November 2014 that detailed planning is now underway for the $385 million upgrade of the Great Northern Highway between Muchea and Wubin. We established the Muchea to Wubin Integrated Project Team with industry partners Jacobs and Arup to conduct a comprehensive planning review of the full Muchea to Wubin link.

This planning review is a critical component of the Great Northern Highway - Muchea to Wubin Upgrade Stage 2, which has been funded with $385 million from the Federal and State Governments. The latest newsletter is now available. Among the improvements to be considered are more passing lanes, flattening crests and easing curves, safer roadsides, more rest stops and additional facilities for heavy vehicles.

This review is expected to be complete by mid-2015. It will examine the previous upgrade strategy developed in the 1990s and, having carefully considered current requirements for the movement of people and freight, deliver a revised upgrade strategy. The Muchea to Wubin team will then identify and prioritise construction packages to be delivered over the four-year period from 2015-2016 to 2018-2019.

Local communities and other stakeholders, including heavy vehicle operators, are welcome to provide input.




Modified: 27 Feb 2018