Esperance Port Access Corridor

John Holland Pty Ltd completed the design and construction of the major upgrade of the Esperance Port Access Corridor Project in June 2014. For information about the opening ceremony held on 2 April 2014, refer to the Ministerial Media Statement.

Although the design and construction of the Esperance Port Access Corridor project has been completed, landscaping and on-going landscape monitoring and maintenance will take place over the next 4 years.

This $120 m project included road and rail realignments and improvements from Mungan Street to the Esperance Port along the existing Harbour Road and rail corridor to improve access into the Port and significantly improve safety and efficiency for local commuter and tourist traffic.

It included:

  • Realignment of approximately 1.8 km of Harbour Road (two-lane single carriageway), including the intersections at Mungan Street, Johns Street Link and Smith Street,
  • Realignment of approximately 1.3 km of the existing railway
  • A local road connection from Johns Street to the realigned Harbour Road, including a bridge over the railway;
  • Extension of Twilights Beach Road to The Esplanade, including a road bridge over the railway and Harbour Road;
  • A railway tunnel under Harbour Road;
  • Ultimate earthworks for two additional railway tracks;
  • Removal of all the railway level crossings at Watson Street and The Esplanade;
  • Construction and modifications to existing roads;
  • Retaining walls, noise walls and screen walls, where appropriate;
  • Pedestrian and cyclist facilities, including an underpass at Griffin Street under the railway and Harbour Road;
  • Drainage, street lighting, road barriers and fencing;
  • Landscaping and revegetation; and
  • Public art

Image: Aerial Shot of Esperance Port Access Corridor project 



The design concept for the Esperance Port Access Corridor Project was developed following extensive community and stakeholder consultation and took into account the outcomes of a study into options for the port's future expansion.

The design focused on the corridor south of Pink Lake Road and combines several key improvements supported by the community and other stakeholders.

It supported the Port and general development of the town and region removing some of the conflict between freight and local traffic and providing a more efficient road network for the Esperance community.



The completed project has:

  • Significantly improved safety for all road and railway users, including cyclists and pedestrians, by eliminating road and railway conflicts;
  • Enhanced community access across the transport corridor through the construction of grade-separated crossings, which are safer and more efficient than the existing railway level crossings;
  • Provided infrastructure that supports the economic and regional development of the Town of Esperance and the Esperance Port;
  • Reduced road freight costs; and
  • Catered for an efficient and cost-effective increase in the transport corridor’s capacity.



This project is being jointly funded by the State and Federal governments.


Future planning

Although not funded, we will undertake further planning work along the northern stretch of the port access corridor, from the Harbour Road-Pink Lake Road intersection through to the Shark Lake Industrial Area on Goldfields-Esperance Highway.
This will help identify any further improvements required and define the actual land reservation required to accommodate the ultimate port access corridor.  Any additional land reservation require will be included in the Shire of Esperance's' town planning scheme


Modified: 01 Jun 2017