Murdoch Drive South Street Intersection Upgrade


The Murdoch Drive South Street intersection upgrade was completed in January 2014.

Highway Construction commenced work on the intersection in January 2013. Former Transport Minister Troy Buswell announced on 11 October 2012 that Highway Construction Pty Ltd had been awarded the contract to upgrade the intersection.

The principal objective of the project was to upgrade the intersection of Murdoch Drive and South Street to cater for the increase in traffic volumes, as a result of the planned development of Murdoch Activity Centre (MAC) and the wider precinct. This included providing better access and traffic flow to the Fiona Stanley Hospital.  Current traffic modeling has shown that more than 50,000 vehicles a day will use the intersection by 2021.

On May 26 2011, the Honourable Minister for Transport, Troy Buswell announced a $15 m upgrade for the intersection as part of the State Budget 2011-12. Consequently we commenced and completed planning and detailed design development work for the intersection upgrade.


Community Involvement

We established a Community Reference Group at the end of 2011. This group met four times in 2012  and six times in 2013. 

Our 26 November 2013 meeting was the final CRG meeting, and included a project update and Public Art update by artist Rick Vermey.

We sincerely thank the CRG for providing significant input into local issues affecting motorists, pedestrian and cyclists.  Additionally, the CRG has had input into the artwork selection process.


Public Art and Amenity Walls

The group provided comment on the public art process, which involved initial feedback on several forms of art, followed by assessment of two concepts for the area presented by two different artists.

Rick Vermey was selected as the preferred artist as his work was suited to this location and in line with the proposed roadworks. Rick  developed a design and presented it to the CRG for comment, with the final design being presented at the July 2013 meeting,  and highly positive feedback was received. The CRG also provided a preference for amenity walls in the area.

Amenity walls have been constructed along residential boundaries within the project area. These are required for screening purposes but will also have noise attenuation benefits. The project area covers up to the eastern side of Crampton Elbow, and then up to Urbahns Crescent towards the freeway.  Projects are set within certain boundaries and amenity walls are installed in areas affected by the construction works. 

The project funding does not extend to providing amenity walls outside the intersection area.

During May/June 2013, we modified the overlap amenity walls in consultation with community members and the CRG to enhance safety in the area.  These include Raffaele Place, and overlap walls in the north eastern section of the site. Residents utilising Raffaele Place expressed their thanks to Main Roads for these modifications. As usual, residents and path users are reminded to look both ways before stepping out of the amenity walls.


Murdoch Activity Centre Structure Plan

The CRG requested information on the above plan, which considers the broader transport network needs in the area, including road upgrades, and gives an indication as to whether difference infrastructure upgrades may be appropriate and/or require in the short term (by 2015), medium term (by 2021) or long term (2021+).  CRG members were invited to comment on the proposed plan.



The project involves a Conventional Signalised Intersection (CSI) that will be delivered in separate design and construction contracts.

The construction works consisted of:

  • Additional right turn pockets on both the east and west approaches along South Street, and two more right turn pockets on the southern approach on Murdoch Drive;
  • Increase other turn pocket lengths to accommodate the increased vehicle demand expected in 2021;
  • Provision of a two lane access from South Street eastbound onto the Kwinana Freeway northbound on ramp. The centre lane on the eastbound carriageway would become a split lane with the option of an exit to the ramp or continuation to the east; and
  • Increase Murdoch Drive northbound carriageway to the south of the South Street intersection from two lanes to three lanes, just before the entry to the St John of God Hospital access road.



  • Improved traffic flow
  • Improvement to the traffic capacity of the intersection
  • Improvement to the pedestrian and cycling facilities
  • Safer access and egress from the hospital and surrounding areas
  • Improved road safety


Further Information


Modified: 27 Feb 2018