Greenough River Bridge and Brand Highway realignment

In September 2014, we completed Stage 1 of this project.  The $8.1 million contract included a new bridge 25 m west (downstream) of the former structure, almost double the length of the old bridge, and 10 m wide.  The deck is also much higher, so that the new bridge remains operational in large flood events.  Road tie-ins to the existing Brand Highway were also constructed at a higher level to prevent road closure during large flood events.

A section of Brand Highway on the southern approach to the bridge, from just north of Showgrounds Road to 400 m north of Hamersley Road, was also realigned as part of the Stage 1 works.  This includes relocating the intersection with Reynolds Road and Hamersley Road.

Brand Highway realignment through S Bend (Stage 2) and Bookara Bend (Stage 3) is on hold until the completion of Dongara to Northampton Coastal Route corridor planning, which is currently progressing.



Brand Highway is a major inter-regional express route linking the major regional centres of Perth and Geraldton. It also provides access to the North West of WA as a coastal alternative to Great Northern Highway. Brand Highway carries a large volume of traffic, including over-dimension loads, high speed through traffic and slow moving tourist traffic.

The section of Brand Highway in the locality of Greenough River currently includes several 90 km/h or less horizontal curves with several intersections with severely restricted sight distance, and has a number if crash records..



Modified: 26 Feb 2018