Great Southern Highway - north of Cranbrook - Seal Widening and Shoulder Reconstruction



The Great Southern Highway Seal Widening and Shoulder Reconstruction Works were funded by the Western Australian State Government to improve road safety and reduce road runoff crashes. The project provided a 4 km long section of widened seal and reconstructed shoulders on Great Southern Highway, north of Cranbrook. The completed seal is 9 m wide with a 0.5 m unsealed shoulder on both sides of the highway.  



The works took place 5.5 km north of Cranbrook and extending up to 4 km north of the Brick-House road intersection.

Image: Great Southern Highway^2C north of Cranbrook - Seal Widening and Shoulder Reconstruction Project Location.RCN-D14^2388698.JPG 


Current Status


Works started mid-July 2013 and were completed on 01 August 2014. Road is open to road users.


Main Roads WA Customer Information Centre: 138 138

Main Roads WA Great Southern Office Contacts:

  • Project Contact: Geoff Penfold - 0419 155 517
  • Project Contact: Brian Nevin - 0429 000 069
  • Community Engagement Manager: Leanne Woolston - 9892 0555


Modified: 28 Jul 2015