Armadale Road - Warton Road intersection upgrade

We recently upgraded a one kilometre section of Armadale Road, at the busy intersection of Warton Road. The $8.9 million project was funded by the State Government and Black Spot program, and was completed on 17 April 2014.

The upgraded intersection will eventually form part of a seven kilometre upgrade of Armadale Road between Anstey Road and Tapper Road.


Scope of works 

The scope of works undertaken by Downer included the construction of two new lanes forming a dual carriageway on Armadale Road, stretching approximately 300 m either side of Warton Road intersection.

Warton Road intersection has also been upgraded to include:

  • A designated right-turn lane from Armadale Road into Warton Road;
  • A designated left-turn lane from Armadale Road into Warton Road, with a cycle lane;
  • Pavement widening on Warton Road to enable one designated left-turn and two designated right-turn lanes onto Armadale Road; and
  • Traffic signals and street lighting have been installed.


Modified: 23 Feb 2018