Armadale Road - Warton Road intersection upgrade

We recently upgraded a one kilometre section of Armadale Road, at the busy intersection of Warton Road. The $8.9 million project was funded by the State Government and Black Spot program, and is now complete.

The upgraded intersection will eventually form part of a seven kilometre upgrade of Armadale Road between Anstey Road and Tapper Road, which is subject to future funding.


Scope of works 

The scope of works  undertaken by Downer included the construction of two new lanes forming a dual carriageway on Armadale Road, stretching approximately 300 m either side of the Warton Road intersection.
The Warton Road intersection  has also been upgraded to include:

  • A designated right-turn lane from Armadale Road into Warton Road;
  • A designated left-turn lane from Armadale Road into Warton Road, with a cycle lane;
  • Pavement widening on Warton Road to enable one designated left-turn and two designated right-turn lanes onto Armadale Road; and
  • Traffic signals and street lighting have been installed.

Current Status

Traffic signals were activated at the upgraded intersection on 17 April 2014 and the intersection was opened to traffic. All associated street lighting works and landscaping works have been completed.

Modified: 01 Jun 2017