Heavy Vehicle Facility Upgrades

New road train assembly areas


North West Costal Highway (NWCH) north of Carnarvon is a key freight route, designed for the use of triple road trains of up to 53.5 m in length.  However, use of NWCH south of Carnarvon is restricted to road trains up to 36.5 m in length, requiring operators to change vehicle configurations in Carnarvon.

The new Road Train Assembly Area (RTAA) in Harbour Road was constructed just west of the previous site.  This sealed assembly area was opened to the truck industry in December 2009, with new lighting installed.



Minilya-Exmouth Road is designed to allow the operation of triple road trains of up to 53.5 m in length up to the town boundary.  There was no designated breakdown area for heavy vehicle operators to reconfigure trucks in order to access the town site.

In recent years Exmouth experienced significant residential, tourism and industrial growth.

As a consequence it is anticipated that the volume of heavy vehicle traffic requiring access to the town will increase significantly in the near future.

The new Road Train Assembly Area (RTAA) near the Light Industrial Area has been completed.



  • Help address the requirement to reduce driver fatigue
  • Significantly increasing the frequency of and upgrading rest areas which can be utilised by heavy vehicles on North West Coastal Highway; and
  • Providing additional and upgraded road train assembly areas in Carnarvon and Exmouth. These areas are frequently utilised by operators for rest stops. 




Modified: 23 Feb 2018