Point Lewis Roundabout

We undertook an innovative new project to improve safety and efficiency at the intersection of Mounts Bay Road, Kwinana Freeway southbound on-ramp and Riverside Drive. 

In an effort to address congestion and safety issues, Point Lewis roundabout was the first intersection in WA to have roundabout metering. 


What is roundabout metering?

The project involved the installation of red/yellow traffic signals Mounts Bay Road eastbound approach.

Queue detectors were installed on Kwinana Freeway on-ramp and on Mounts Bay Road, coming from the northern (Perth) area. These detectors determine traffic volumes and subsequently activate the signals.

The signals consist of red, yellow and blank phases.

  • Red means drivers must stop
  • Yellow means stop if safe to do so
  • No signal (blank) means proceed through and follow normal roundabout rules.

These signals only operate during peak periods. At all other times, unless there is significant traffic build up,  normal roundabout rules will apply.


Why was roundabout metering chosen?

Video surveying and modeling of the roundabout and surrounding networks showed that the roundabout experienced heavy congestion during peak periods.

Roundabout metering was therefore chosen as an optimal solution, where installed detectors would activate these new red/yellow traffic signals when required to assist in the movement of built up traffic on Kwinana Freeway and Mounts Bay Road (coming from Perth).

Road users on Mounts Bay Road eastbound will experience only slight delays at the signals. As a whole, the intersection will work more efficiently.



Since it's inception on 9 November 2013, the addition of roundabout metering has delivered a 750 m reduction in queue length for traffic heading westbound, from 900 m to 150 m.  Other benefits include:

  • Improved public transport efficiency along Mounts Bay Road
  • Prevent traffic gridlock during peak periods, particularly at Mounts Bay Road from Perth City in the morning and the Freeway southbound in the afternoon
  • Improve safety


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Modified: 23 Feb 2018