Mitchell Freeway Widening

Hepburn Avenue to Hodges Drive



A third northbound lane has been constructed on the Mitchell Freeway northbound, along the 7.2km stretch between Hepburn Avenue and Hodges Drive. 

In late August 2013 a 4.5km section of the newly constructed lane between Hepburn Avenue and Ocean Reef Road was opened to traffic.

The remaining work between Ocean Reef Road and Hodges Drive, along with resurfacing of the existing lanes concluded in December 2013.

Combined with the work undertaken on Mitchell Freeway from Graham Farmer Freeway to Hutton Street, this was the first widening of Mitchell Freeway since 2000.

This $30 million project was funded by the State Government.



Freeway traffic volumes northbound from Hepburn Avenue have grown rapidly in recent years, with daily volumes already approaching the 2016 forecast of more than 40,000 vehicles per day.

In afternoon peak periods this stretch of the freeway was often severely congested, increasing the likelihood of rear-end accidents and driver frustration. It also placed additional pressure on other north-south routes.



Key benefits from this project include:

  • Increased northbound freeway capacity; reducing traffic congestion on alternative north-south routes and reducing peak hour travel times;
  • Significant freight, business and commuter travel time savings; and
  • Vehicles operating cost savings from reduced congestion.





Modified: 03 Sep 2014