Mesa A Mine Bridge

Construction of Mesa A Mine Bridge - North West Coastal Highway

As part of the Pannawonica mine expansion being undertaken by Rio Tinto, it was proposed to develop the Mesa A Iron ore deposit immediately east of the North West Coastal Highway, approximately 15km south of Robe River. In conjunction with the development of Mesa A deposit, Rio Tinto is also developing an Iron Ore deposit west of North West Coastal Highway, known as Warramboo.

Ore from both these deposits will be moved via haul packs to the railhead near Mesa A for transport to the Wickham port facility for export.

We worked closely with Rio Tinto to ensure the iron ore is transported safely from the Warramboo deposits west of North West Coastal Highway to the railhead east of the highway. With a number of options considered, an agreement was established to construct a bridge to separate the general traffic travelling on highway from the mine site traffic. Traffic using the highway now use a bridge to cross over the mine haul road.

In addition, an embayment and viewing area, including interpretive signage, was provided adjacent to the bridge to allow for tourists to learn about and observe the mining operations from a safe location.


Modified: 23 Feb 2018