Henty Brook Bridge Burekup Replacement

We completed a project to upgrade the Henty Brook Bridge in South Western Highway in Burekup . The project involved replacing the bridge and upgrading the road surface on the approaches to the bridge. Work commenced in mid-April 2013 and finished at the end of May 2013.

The Henty Brook Bridge reached the end of its life, and subsequently required replacement. We undertook various works on the bridge , including bedding and installation of new culvert pipes, and installation of the new rock wall and aprons.

The final stage of the work involved removing the old bridge, widening the shoulders, installing new barriers and resurfacing.




Further Information

If you have any feedback about the project, please contact Carolyn Walker on (08) 9450 1445 or email icwalker@vianet.net.au



Modified: 03 Sep 2014