Hamersley Drive

Hopetoun to Hamersley Inlet

On 6 November 2009 the Premier announced in Ravensthorpe that work was set to start on an upgraded tourist road for the Fitzgerald River National Park.

The State Government committed $20 m to the project, with a request for matched funding from the Federal Government, to help deliver this essential project, to improve tourist access from the western and eastern ends to the Fitzgerald River National Park.

The state funded portion of the project included the reconstruction and sealing of existing roads including Hamersley Drive (from Hopetoun to Hamersley Inlet).

Construction along the route from Hopetoun to Hamersley Inlet and all end point facilities was completed in April 2013.


Key features

Upon completion, the upgrade of Hamersley Drive and improved related facilities has significantly increased the safety and serviceability of the existing roads.

The improved access to the Fitzgerald River National Park for DEC staff, the general public and emergency services will:

  • Enable faster and more efficient access to the National Park during bushfires;
  • Result in a more meaningful “Fitzgerald River Experience” by providing off road facilities such as parking bays and photo stops for tourist traffic; and
  • Create a heightened awareness of Dieback Management practices for contractors and the public, by protecting the Biosphere and unique park environment.


Scope of works

The section of Hamersley Drive that was upgraded as a part of this project lies between the Hamersley Inlet access road and the entrance to the National Park, for a length of approximately 10 km. The upgrade included;

  • Correction of horizontal and vertical alignment (wherever practicable);
  • Widen and seal of pavement to design standards;
  • Installation of regulatory lines, signage, and guideposts;
  • Replacement of drainage structures;
  • Reinstatement and improvements to off-road drainage.

These improvements also extended to the various spurs within this section of Hamersley Drive including;

  • Barrens Beach Access
  • Four Mile Campsite Access
  • Mylies Beach Access
  • East Mylies Beach Access
  • West Beach Access (including Caves Point)
  • Hamersley Inlet Access


Modified: 23 Feb 2018