Northbridge Tunnel and Mitchel Freeway Widening

Graham Farmer Freeway Tunnel and Mitchell Freeway Widening to Hutton Street

This $57 m project was part of a package of transport solutions to improve the operation of the CBD road network and address the challenges associated with Perth's increasing population.

It included:

  • Providing an extra lane in the Northbridge Tunnel in each direction;
  • Building an additional lane on Mitchell Freeway northbound from Graham Farmer Freeway to Hutton Street; and
  • Widening the traffic bridges over Powis Street, Vincent Street and Scarborough Beach Road

Work was completed on Mitchell Freeway as part of the project in late 2013 and included:

  • 700 metres of new lane between the Graham Farmer Freeway and Leederville train station 
  • 600 metres of new lane after the Hutton Street exit
  • New lane between Leederville train station and Hutton Street exit
  • Widening of traffic bridges at Powis Street, Vincent Street and Scarborough Beach Road

Diagrams of the works that were undertaken are available to download:



  • Provided additional capacity via an alternative route for east-west CBD traffic;
  • Improved merging arrangements onto Mitchell Freeway;
  • Improved northbound capacity on Mitchell Freeway; and
  • Improved the exit arrangement at Vincent (Southport) Street from Mitchell Freeway (northbound).

It will also help manage the impact of major projects such as the Elizabeth Quay development.




Modified: 23 Feb 2018