Graham Farmer Freeway Tunnel and Mitchel Freeway widening to Hutton Street


This $57m project was part of a package of transport solutions to improve the operation of the CBD road network and address the challenges associated with Perth's increasing population.

It included:

  • Providing an extra lane in the Northbridge Tunnel in each direction;
  • Building an additional lane on Mitchell Freeway northbound from Graham Farmer Freeway to Hutton Street; and
  • Widening the traffic bridges over Powis Street, Vincent Street and Scarborough Beach Road


Work was completed on Mitchell Freeway as part of the project in late 2013 and included:

  • 700 metres of new lane between the Graham Farmer Freeway and Leederville train station 
  • 600 metres of new lane after the Hutton Street exit
  • New lane between Leederville train station and Hutton Street exit
  • Widening of traffic bridges at Powis Street, Vincent Street and Scarborough Beach Road

Diagrams of the works that were undertaken are available to download:



This project:

  • Provided additional capacity via an alternative route for east-west CBD traffic;
  • Improved merging arrangements onto Mitchell Freeway;
  • Improved northbound capacity on Mitchell Freeway; and
  • Improved the exit arrangement at Vincent (Southport) Street from Mitchell Freeway (northbound).

It will also help manage the impact of major projects such as the Elizabeth Quay development. Elizabeth Quay is one of the most significant developments in Australia and will see Riverside Drive realigned to allow traffic to flow into Barrack and William Streets.


Animated fly through

Main Roads has produced a series of animated fly throughs to clearly show the new lane and exiting arrangements. Please visit the Navigating the Tunnel page for more information.


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Modified: 03 Sep 2014