Will there be any night works throughout this project?

Night closures of Graham Farmer Freeway tunnel will be required on several occasions but will be widely advertised well in advance. Night works will also be required to complete the Mitchell Freeway works without major traffic disruption. Advance notice of night works will be provided to motorists and residents within close proximity of the Mitchell Freeway work site.

Are noise walls planned along Mitchell Freeway as part of this project?

Noise studies have indicated the noise impacts from traffic caused by this project are negligible, so no noise walls will be constructed. However, natural traffic growth will have noise levels exceeding recommended limits by 2031 at several locations, so noise mitigation planning has been recommended.

Will any of the Mitchell Freeway bridges need to be altered to cater for the extra lane?

Yes, the bridges at Vincent and Powis streets and Scarborough Beach Road will need to be widened on the median side. These bridges were originally designed to cater for this widening.

Will there be any major road closures during the freeway works?

No major roads closures are planned as part of the freeway works. Some lane closures will occur during night works but during peak periods the contractors will be required to keep the current number of lanes open.

Will the Mitchell Freeway works have any impact on Lake Monger?

No. All work will be undertaken within the current freeway reservation. The additional lane will be constructed on the median side of the northbound carriageway from Vincent Street, adjacent to the Public Transport Authority’s rail reserve and well away from the lake.

If work is being undertaken alongside the PTA rail corridor, will this project have any impact on train operations?

MRWA and the PTA are working closely to ensure train services disruptions are minimised.

How much extra traffic is expected to use the Northbridge Tunnel when Riverside Drive is diverted to facilitate the Elizabeth Quay development?

Traffic modeling indicates that about 14,500 additional vehicles are likely to use the tunnel every day.

If the existing shoulders are used to cater for additional lanes in the tunnel, how will vehicles be removed in the event of a breakdown or accident?

Main Roads has an exciting new Incident Response Service (IRS) with a dedicated vehicle to quickly remove breakdowns from the tunnel. The front of the IRS vehicle has a soft foam ‘push pad’, which shapes itself to the design of the affected car before moving it to a safe location away from traffic.

is the tunnel safe with the addition of an extra lane in each direction?

Most road tunnels around the world operate safely without a breakdown lane. New Lane Use Management Signals have been installed  and tThe tunnel fire control system is being upgraded as part of the project. For more information on the tunnel, including animated videos and safe driving tips, visit our Navigating the Tunnel page.

Is there a need to upgrade the ventilation system in the tunnel as a result of the extra traffic?

A study has shown that the current ventilation system will still be suitable, however a decision has been made to add extra fans to ensure that the air quality in the tunnel remains well above the national guidelines.


Modified: 25 Jul 2014