Tonkin Highway - Morley Drive Intersection Upgrade

In October 2012 we completed a major upgrade of the busy Tonkin Highway - Morley Drive intersection.

Funded through the State Government's 2011-2012 Black Spot Program, the aim of this $2.95m project was to:

  • Reduce the number of rear end crashes at the intersection;
  • Improve safety for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists;
  • Improve safety for all vehicles making left-turn movements; and
  • Improve the turning angles for heavy vehicles and trucks.

It involved reconfiguring all approaches to the intersection and the general layout of the road network, including:

  • Modifications along Morley Drive eastbound to improve the road alignment through the intersection;
  • Modifications to all turning lanes to improve approach angles under 'give way' control;
  • Modifications to the four splitter islands on Tonkin Highway and Morley Drive;
  • Modifications to the median islands on Morley Drive westbound and eastbound to improve channelization through the intersections; and
  • Resurfacing throughout the intersection.

New overhead mast arm traffic signals were installed on Morley Drive and Tonkin Highway to improve visibility for motorists and street lighting has been upgraded.

Pedestrian safety was significantly enhanced with the installation of new visual displays and audible push buttons on the northern and eastern crossing points.

All pedestrian ramps and gaps were upgraded to current access and mobility standards. The project also made provision for a possible future two-metre cycle lane on both carriageways of Tonkin Highway.



In its previous configuration, the intersection of Tonkin Highway and Morley Drive was one of the top 20 metropolitan crash sites for night, wet road, hit object, motorcyclists and frequency crashes.

More than 150 crashes were recorded at this intersection over a five-year period from 1 January 2006 to 31 December 2010. Three-quarters of these were rear-end crashes, which is significantly higher than the metropolitan average of 66 per cent, and a significant number of these occurred during a left-turn movement.

Recent traffic figures show that more than 50,000 vehicles travel daily through the intersection along Tonkin Highway. More than 20,000 travel westbound on Morley Drive and 16,000 eastbound.

Tonkin Highway is an important link in the freight network, connecting the Malaga industrial area and other northern areas with the Kewdale Freight Terminal and the industrial area within the Perth International Airport.

Tonkin Highway and Morley Drive west of intersection also form part of the approved route for Class 2 Restricted Access Vehicles (less than 27.5 m long combination)


Modified: 25 Jul 2014