Koombana Drive and Estuary Drive Intersection

The Koombana Drive and Estuary Drive intersection was nearing capacity, shown by the long queues experienced by road users during morning peak periods.  Upgrading the intersection was included in the Eelup roundabout project due to the implications it had for the operation of the roundabout.

Estuary Drive links Bunbury and the suburbs of Australind and Eaton, and carries about 14,000 vehicles per day. Koombana Drive is the main access road into the City Centre and carries about 13,000 vehicles per day. The intersection has a mix of heavy vehicles and local traffic, with both roads providing access to Bunbury Port.


What did the project involve?

The project was designed to improve safety and capacity at the intersection with the provision of two right turn lanes on Koombana Drive into Estuary Drive, and two right turn lanes on Estuary Drive into Koombana Drive together with the signalisation. The new intersection layout is about 30 m further away from the Eelup roundabout along Koombana Drive, providing increased queuing capacity for future traffic growth demands for vehicles turning right into Estuary Drive.

The two lanes that exit Eelup roundabout onto Koombana Drive are now two continuous through lanes – replacing the merge into one lane.

No work was undertaken at Austral Parade and Koombana Drive intersection. The signals at Estuary Drive will create gaps in traffic to make the right turn out movement from Austral Parade easier. 


  • Improve traffic flow
  • Improve safety
  • Easier and safer access for trucks using the intersection.
  • Minimal impact on cyclists and pedestrians with existing shared paths not disturbed.


Further information


Modified: 22 Feb 2018