Guildford Road Principal Shared Path (PSP)

Tonkin Highway to Bassendean Station 

Perth and Midland are two important activity centres that have been identified in “Directions 2031 and Beyond”. Meeting the current and future transport task between the two centres will be difficult given the constraints along Guildford Road and the expected level of development. As a consequence, the construction of a Principal Shared Path (PSP) between the centres was identified as one way of reducing traffic congestion along the corridor.

Studies undertaken by the Department of Transport (DoT) indicated that one of the greatest barriers that prevented people from riding bicycles is the lack of safe cycling facilities.

The provision of the PSP played an important part in encouraging pedestrians and bicycle riders between Perth and Midland. In addition, due to the alignment of the path it improved access to stations along the Midland line.

The path construction was completed, and opened for pedestrian and cycling use on 29 June 2012.


Scope of works

The works included:

  • Construction of 2.3 km of the Perth to Midland PSP between Tonkin Highway and Bassendean Train Station;
  • Improvement to the traffic signal at Moojebing Street intersection; and
  • Improvements to the pedestrian crossing and railway crossing at Moojebing Street and Collier Road.

The details of the alignment for the PSP are provided for download:


Modified: 22 Feb 2018