Great Eastern/Roe Highway Interchange


Project Overview

In June 2012 Transport Minister Troy Buswell announced the opening of the interchange at Great Eastern Highway-Roe Highway, Midvale.

The $101.5 million project was delivered by MacMahon, on behalf of Main Roads, and jointly funded by the Federal and State Governments.

It includes two new bridges to carry Roe Highway over Great Eastern Highway, a new bridge at Clayton Street and a new bridge over the rail line, as well as a loop ramp to handle the heavy right turn movement from Roe Highway to Great Eastern Highway eastbound.

Completed in September 2012, it enables the Roe Highway traffic to flow freely over Great Eastern Highway and efficiently and safely integrates connecting traffic in all directions.

It also:

  • Improves safety by reducing the number and severity of accidents, in particular rear end collisions;
  • Reduces road user costs and vehicle emissions as a result of delays;
  • Improves the efficiency and sustainability of the transport system;
  • Reduces the likelihood of neighbouring areas being used as 'rat runs';
  • Improves the approach to Great Eastern Highway for heavy vehicles; and
  • Improves the level of service of Roe Highway. 


Community Consultation

The design for this interchange, along with associated modifications to the local road network, was developed in consultation with the community.

In 2009 we developed a preliminary concept for the interchange. We then embarked on a widespread community consultation to seek feedback from the immediate and surrounding community. This included the distribution of a project newsletter to approximately 20,000 local homes and businesses as well as the heavy vehicle transport industry. A Community Reference Group (CRG) was also established and met regularly to discuss specific issues relating to the project, such as public art and local access.

Taking into account the feedback from this consultation, we made some modifications to the concept plan, including upgrades to the Great Eastern Highway-Farrall Road and Roe Highway-Morrison Road intersections.



The intersection of Roe Highway and Great Eastern Highway forms part of the metropolitan outer ring road linking major industrial and commercial centres, the Perth Airport and Fremantle Port with major radial transport routes, including the Perth- Adelaide and Perth- Darwin National Highways.

About 60,000 vehicles use the intersection every day and traffic modelling shows this will increase to 90,000 by 2021 and 106,000 by 2031. In its previous configuration, motorists experienced a delay of three traffic light changes; longer during peak periods. This intersections was also recognised as one of the top ten traffic black spots in the metropolitan area.

The intersections is also part of a primary heavy haulage route, handling about 6000 truck movements per day. On a typical day, more than 10% of the traffic is heavy vehicles such as road trains. Great Eastern Highway is also an important designated route for high-wide loads coming in and out of Perth.




Modified: 24 Dec 2013